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how i made an origami necklace

I recently made an origami necklace for a friend’s last day at work. People seemed to like it, so I thought I’d post about how I made it.

- Origami paper (or paper cut into squares about 6″ across)
- Thread
- The longest needle you can find (or several needles taped together)
- Ribbon (optional)
- Folding bone (definitely optional, but really helps if your paper is thick)

Step 1 РFollow this diagram to make 11 or 12 origami balloons (make more for a longer necklace). If using less than 16 balloons, (which will make it difficult to get the completed necklace over your head), be sure to make the open version of this necklace.

Step 2 – Double thread your long needle (or two needles taped together) with a long piece of thread, including 8 or 9 inches extra for tying. String the origami balloons together into a chain. Be careful not to crush the origami as you push the needle through. I found it easiest to use the tip of the needle to pre-poke a hole in the closed end of the balloon, and round out the hole a bit so my taped needles would fit through.

Step 3 – You have two options:

Option 1: Closed Version
Remove the needle and tie the ends of the thread together. You can embellish the knot with ribbon (or anything you want) to hide the connection point.

Option 2: Open Version
Remove your needle, hopefully your thread is long enough to have a 5 or 6 inch tail on either end. Attach a length of ribbon to each thread tail (you can thread the tail onto a needle and sew it to one end of the ribbon). You can embellish the connection points with buttons, ribbon, etc. Done!

This is just what I came up with, you should definitely get creative and add your own flare to it. You could thread a pretty bead between each balloon, or make a totally different shape out of origami to begin with. Enjoy!