side project: flapper dress

I’ve decided to be a flapper for Halloween this year, since I’ve always loved Roaring Twenties/Art Deco style and my hair is already in a short bob. I couldn’t find an appropriate 20′s style dress pattern so I drafted my own version from scratch. This is what I came up with for the dress pattern, but this is not the final fabric – since my first muslin only required a few changes, I figured I would make a full mock up for the dress out of this pretty striped fabric and end up with another wearable dress. It’s still in the unfinished state, but I will come back to the finishing details on this one when the real dress is complete.

in dressmaking, in progress

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  1. about the feathered hoody….? I like the white feathers! And as for the flapper frock? Lower the cut out back an inch or two…or three, and you’ve got the real thing! Or leave everything as it is, and you still got winners!

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