After finishing the concept book, I plunged myself into 2 days straight of sketching design ideas. In that time I generated probably around 70-80 distinct sketches. I usually have music going while I work, but I decided to add more inspiration the process, and played several classic sci-fi movies back to back while I sketched (thanks to Mike for the idea!). The movies I chose were THX 1138 (1971), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Tron (1982) and Dune (1984). I had planned to include Logan’s Run (1976) and The Fifth Element (1997) as well, but honestly I was pretty movied-out by the end of the second day. Also, my sketching hand was about to give out, and I had already generated a ton of material.

Next, I went through all the sketches and organized them: I made piles of sketches that could work for each look, and one rather large backburner/reject pile. I’m keeping everything though, there is some good stuff that ended up in the reject pile just because it isn’t really on target for my concept, so I’m saving that stuff for possible use in the future.

Each group of sketches will be developed into a single design (one per look) that I will draw as front and back views in color. I am expecting to do multiple versions of each before coming to final designs, and I’ll likely make some changes to the individual looks once I can view all three side by side.

And of course, in addition to design considerations, there are construction challenges I’ll have to tackle as well. That’s why I chose the word “Architecture” to describe these pieces, it’s a term that marries design and construction, which, to me, is what makes a man-made object beautiful.

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  1. That’s great that you followed up on that old sci-fi movie idea. And that’s a HUGE volume of sketches you made! Awesome, Sophy. Keep sharing your process. Very inspiring.

  2. thanks mike! sometimes it feels like a chore to post stuff here, but afterwards i’m always glad i did it :) especially when i get an encouraging comment from someone i admire (that’s you)!


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