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Maybe it’s trendy at the moment, but I don’t think the allure of Polaroid ever really goes away. With instant film, watching the image appear out of nothing is like witnessing a tiny magic trick. Even though I’ve read up on the science of Polaroid film, it will always be magic to me. I’ve got 5 or 6 different types of Polaroid cameras in my collection, but here are my three favorites:

1. SLR 680

This is basically the same body design as the iconic and super stylish SX-70 (folding single lens reflex) but is equipped with an innovative auto-focusing system that uses sonar – that’s right, sonar!

2. Automatic 100

This camera is from the early 1960s and uses the peel-apart style “pack film”. Holding this up to your eye in public is like putting a brass diving helmet on your head – people look at you like you’re a time traveler.

3. Big Shot

I’d been wanting to get one of these monsters for a while, and this weekend Kim happened to find one at a rummage sale. It works perfectly and was only $6! The Big Shot was Polaroid’s portrait camera – it is designed purely for portraits, with a fixed focal distance of only a few feet. It’s best known as being favored by Andy Warhol, he would use his Big Shot pictures as the basis for his iconic painted portraits.

If you’re interested, here are some shots I’ve taken with these on my Flickr page.

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  1. The Big Shot is so cool!

  2. My grandfather had the Automatic 100. As a kid, this was the coolest thing to see as it S L O W L Y developed the pictures. I always remember the smell of the peel-apart film. I need to contact my Gram to see if she still has it!

    Oh, and the Big Shot looks awesome, too! Great pics on your Flickr page.

  3. Hi Kyle! Yes, definitely dig up that camera! I bet your family would get a kick out of seeing it work again :)

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