Queen of Hearts – update

Sometimes the hardest thing to do (and the right thing to do) is change course. After scrambling to put a skirt together for the Queen of Hearts project, I realized that I was making something I didn’t really like just to get it done. I really want to make sure that this project is something I can be happy with when it’s complete, so I’ve decided to give myself more time to finish it the right way.

I finished the bodice – it has princess seams, which I know is not period accurate as far as Elizabethan costume goes, but I am not being that stuffy about these things. The inside is all lined, and I made a corset type closure in the back. It doesn’t close properly on my dressform, but it fits me well. I added boning to the bodice where I could to make it more structural and clean.

Now I’m working on the ruff – which I realize now was the whole reason I wanted to do this project! The ruffles are intoxicatingly swirly. It’s a bit floppy now, but today I am going to dip the whole thing in stiffener and mold it into shape as it dries.

It will be done when it’s done, and it will be what I consider “right”. And that’s what matters for a project like this.

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    ohh this is looking great! nice work!

  2. thanks!!! i hope i can finish it soon!

  3. your Dad and I just looked at your gorgeous bodice, very exciting stuff! I have, as you know, had a lot of experience with dress-making, and your workmanship is truly exquisite. Even better is the wonder of seeing a dream become reality. Your blog is coming alive! Live on!

  4. If you have it done by the 26 or 27 of March, you can wear it to Katie’s drama production of Alice In Wonderland for her school. Friday night is free admission and Saturday is Dinner Theatre for $15. The kids would go crazy over you if you showed up in your dress!

  5. hi marc! oooh sounds fun!

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